Scheduling Posts and Push Notifications

With scheduling, you no longer have to manage your app every day! Let it take care of things for you!

With scheduling, you can have any announcement, event, message or push notification automatically publish and expire on specific days and times! What this means for you, is that you can now plan what you want to put in your app ahead of time and have it populate as needed! 

Let's say you are taking your group on a trip and everyone is supposed to meet at 10:00am. With scheduling, you can have a push notification reminding everyone of the meetup time and location go out on the correct day at 9:30am to make sure everyone remembers! You no longer have to remember to send that push notification yourself!

Here's how to schedule something:

Let's do this for a new Push Notification.

Click on the new "Actions" button.

Then click the "Schedule" button.

This is what the scheduling area looks like.

Click the "Date" line to pick which day you want the push to go out.

Click the "Date" line to pick what time you want it to go out.

After you make your selections, click "Save". When you return to the main page for that push notification, you will be able to see at a glance when the push notification will go live and when it will expire. 

If you want to edit the schedule, just click "Actions" and do the process again. 

This works the same for everything in your app, including Announcements, Events, and Message Notes!

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